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Mystic Creatures Festival

Stagebuilding and showcasing at the Mystic Creatures Festival in Poland.

/ Sep 2023

SaTerza Metari

Stage construction and performance at the SaTerza Metari Festival in Sardinia.

/ October 2023

Secret oasis

Showcasing at a secret location in Dresden together with Schöner Tag Collective.

/ Nov 2023


more coming soon


/ ??? 2023


Party at Station Endlos in Halle together with biotobt and resonant. 

/ March 2023

Easy-Tiger @ Glashaus

A gem in Paradise.

/ MaY 2023


Stagebuilding and showcasing at the Sternfest near Mellensee.

/ Jun 2023

Textur @ Mjut

Together with our friends from biotobt and resonant at mjut in Leipzig.

/ August 2023